About the Club

Founded in 2015, Bristol Blades Fencing club was created to provide an environment that provides high quality fencing coaching, and sparing oppotunitites, for all levels of fencers, of all ages.

The club has grown to encompass a Junior Club, for those ages 7-15, and a senior club for those age 16 plus. The club runs multiple beginners courses throughout the year, for more information click here.

Our CENTRAL club is based in the centre of Bristol, using Bristol Grammar School Sports hall. As well as our central Club we have the first of our satellite clubs, Bristol Blades NORTH, open just outside of the main Bristol city, in Chipping Sodbury. Our Satellite clubs work as their own separate club session, but provides more opportunities for access to our sport, as well as additional training opportunities for existing members.

Each club site, may have differing start and end times, so please make sure to check the times at the bottom of this page. To view the different club centres click here.

Bristol Blades is a British Fencing affiliated club, and adheres to British Fencing’s Code of Conduct.

Club BF Membership no. 959078

Junior Clubs (age 7-15)

Our Junior clubs aim is to introduce and develop fencing skills to the young fencers through games and skill sessions. All sessions are age appropriate allowing them to develop their understanding of the sport, and introduce a more competitive edge to existing fencers. We run multiple Junior beginners courses through the year at all club sites.

Senior Clubs (age 16 plus)

Our Senior clubs aim is to develop and further the athletes understanding of fencing as a sport and introduce more complex skills and tactics for their use on piste. There is more focus on athlete development and competition training. The Fencers will focus on the subtlties of footwork and bladework and how they impact bouts. The sparing and warmups will be more competitive, with specific controlled senarios to prepare them for the seasons fencing. We run multiple Junior beginners courses through the year at some club sites.

Club Training Days/Camps

Training days and camps allow fencers to immerse themselves in the Sport for a whole day, allowing a greater level of training and learning.

Community Club Projects

As a club we strive to make the sport of FENCING as accessible to everyone as possible. As part of our mission we have various projects within the community which enable us to share our sport.

Club Run Competitions

Competition is an important part of athlete development. As a club we run Multiple competitions, ranging from local beginners competitions, and school events, to National Opens.

Online Resources

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Bristol Blades CENTRAL (Tuesday – Bristol Grammar School Sports Hall)

  • Junior Club – 18.15 – 19.30/20.00
  • Senior Club – 20.00 – 21.45 (invite only)

Bristol Blades NORTH (Thursday – Chipping Sodbury Sports Centre)

  • Junior Club – 19.00 – 20.15
  • Senior Club – 20.15 – 22.00

Bristol Blades SOUTH (Coming Soon)


Bristol Blades works with Multiple partners to promote Fencing around the city and surrounding areas, and to engage people of all abilities and background.