Club Satellite Program

As a club we strive to make the sport of FENCING as accessible to everyone as possible. As part of our mission we have opened club nights (centres) in different locations around the Bristol area to make our sport and coaches as accessible as possible. We are fortunate to have receive funding grants from a few local institutions to allow us to open our centres. As well as aiming to encourage new fencers in the Bristol area, each centre acts as an additional training opportunity for our existing members. This allows those who wish to train more, to access our experienced staff, and continue their personal programs.

Creating a platform in which we can engage with the wider population of Bristol, and its surrounding area, we can encourage greater growth of the sport at a local level.

Click below on a centre near you, to find out more.

Bristol Grammar School

Bristol Blades CENTRAL

Chipping Sodbury Leisure Centre

Bristol Blades NORTH

coming soon

Bristol Blades SOUTH

Throughout 2020 the coaches worked so hard to keep online and in-person coaching running which was a fantastic opportunity for so many kids when everything else seemed to have stopped. 10/10. Ben and I think the coaching has been brilliant, despite the Corona’s best efforts to ruin everything.”

DIVERSITY is having a seat at the table.

INCLUSION is having a voice.

BELONGING is having that voice be heard.