If you have fenced before, are a current competitive fencer or this is your first time fencing we welcome you to join our club and become a member. 

We at Bristol Blades will provide the opportunity to fence primarily FOIL and SABRE, but have the space and coaching experience to welcome EPEE fencers as well. We aim to give individual, and group lessons to all our members, throughout the evening session. 

Our long term aim is to get all our fencers competing around our region, and eventually nationally. We as coaches enable free play, individual lessons, footwork exercises and group lessons to help develop our members fencing skills, and help them achieve their full potential.

We welcome any and all fencers, no matter age, gender, ability, disability. Seniors age 15 plus, Juniors age 14 and under.

There are currently two types of Membership below; 1 session a week and 2 sessions a week. When you join the club with 1 session a week, you choose which centre you want to join, Central, North or South. choosing the 2 sessions a week option allows you to go to an additional centre.

By joining the club you gain the benefits of club night tuition from our highly experienced coaches, 10% off the cost of club run training camps, and 10% off the cost of equipment from Excalibur Sports.

Membership costs are reviewed yearly and may be changed to reflect any hall hire increases.

To join the club please contact us HERE and we will send you through a membership form.

Due to Current Covid 19 restrictions, and restrictions of time spent indoors, the Clubs Membership Costs have been slightly adapted.

Junior Membership

1 session a week – £5.76 per week (£25 paid monthly via standing order)

2 sessions a week – £8.08 per week (£35 paid monthly via standing order)

Senior Membership

1 session a week – £6.92 per week (£30 paid monthly via standing order)

2 sessions a week – £10.38 per week (£45 paid monthly via standing order)

Visitor Fee

Junior- £8 per session

Senior- £10 per session

Beginners Course

Junior- £45

Senior- £45

Online Specialist Sessions

Courses individually costed

To join the club you must be a member of British Fencing. British Fencing membership is available here. By becoming a member of British Fencing, you are insured for fencing activity.

There are several categories of BF membership and these categories are often split into age groups in order to provide the most appropriate and best value membership package for every person that participates in the fencing community.

Whilst the primary reason for purchasing individual membership is often to access insurance for participating in fencing related activities there are a range of other benefits that joining up to BF can provide.